Summer is currently a member of the England U16 team. She has captained the side for most of the 2022/23 season, securing her first international caps in the 4 Nations against Germany in Berlin, and in the 8 Nations in Granada, Spain.

She was awarded both England Hockey's Pursuit of Excellence and Support and Challenge awards for her outstanding achievements both on and off the pitch during the 22/23 season.

Summer is an 8x National Champion for both outdoor and indoor hockey, Futures Cup, Saxon Tigers Champion 2021 and 4x Copper Box gold medalist.

A sport scholar at Sevenoaks school, she has played 1st XI since year 10 and is excited the team have entered T1 championships this season for 6th form, after winning the T2 National Champs in 2023 for the first time ever!

She is a feisty Forward with a strong backhand that loves to find the back of the net !