If you look up Pippa Lock in the dictionary, you’ll find:
Meaning one- “pocket rocket”
Meaning two- “blink and you’ll miss”
Meaning three- “Will down pints on request”

Alongside her speed and questionable professionalism when alcohol is involved, she is a force to be reckoned with. Her silky skills and unbelievable stamina make marking her a nightmare. She’s someone you want on your team and someone you dread to play against.

Her leadership qualities and knowledge of the game are second to none and her achievements in hockey are evidence of this. From representing her country and GB in pretty much every age group possible since the age of 16, her hockey abilities are among some of the best the country has produced. As well as her capabilities on the pitch, her presence off the pitch is what makes her a joy to train with and be around. Her contagious positivity and kind nature makes her a teammate anyone would be lucky to have.