Pitch Advertising

The EGHC Pitch is heavily utilised all year round, with up to 5 matches each Saturday, training sessions on Sundays as well as age group matches, and training sessions every evening from approximately 18:00 to 22:00. As such there is a lot of footfall from players, spectators and officials all year round. All Premier League matches are photographed professionally by Eva Gilbert, with match albums published on the web and shared via social media. Many of the photos feature pitch advertising prominently.
With many famous players involved each week, it is common for images to circulate widely. With Premier League matches live-streamed on YouTube, the audience and visibility increases significantly.

Scoreboard Branding

With a footfall of over 80,000 per year, including matches, training, visiting players and spectators, the scoreboard is a prime piece of real-estate for potential partners. Email us to enquire

High Quality Advertising Banners Surround the Pitch

With space for dozens of advertising banners around the EGHC pitch, all produced by our partner, PLG Signs in high quality mesh, this represents an excellent opportunity to expose brands to our audiences both at the ground and online. Many of the photographs of match action prominently feature sponsor advertising banners and are published on our web site and shared via social media. You can pay Monthly below and we will contact you directly for artwork, or Email us to enquire

Dug-Out Branding

Pitch side dug-outs protect bench players and management team from the elements and are located in the area with the heaviest footfall. They are also highly visible on our live streams and as such represent another excellent branding opportunity. Email us to enquire