Digital Partnerships

EGHC is growing a large digital audience via YouTube, web and social media. We are part of a vibrant and enthusiastic community that loves our sport with a huge amount of social media sharing and engagement. There are many opportunities for brands to tap into our digital reach to mutual benefit. Please reach out to us for more information and to explore how we could work together.
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YouTube Channel Presenting Partner

Our YouTube channel at is growing fast. Operating for just over two years it has become one of the largest Hockey Club YouTube channel in the UK and reaches viewers worldwide. We live stream a minimum of 20 Premier League Matches per season; 10 mens matches and 10 women's matches. The livestreams are approximately 2hrs in duration and feature promotional advertisements from partners as well as slow-motion action replays, commentary and graphics incorporating team lineups and commercial partner branding.

Social Media

EG has a large and growing social media following across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. All three channels are heavily utilised by the hockey family which is hyper-engaged..

Digital Coupons

EG has the ability to create unique digital coupons which can be accessed by spectators at our ground when they sign into our guest wifi. These coupons can be used by partners to create promotions to drive footfall to local businesses where they can be redeemed.

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