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EGHC connects the coaching which takes place within our Junior Section and our EGHC Academy. This "continuity of coaching" means hockey enthusiasts are known by their coaches and can continually build their enjoyment and capability

Grinners are Winners...

... but the fun comes first ! EGHC loves to foster team spirit and enjoyment of the sport. Winning is great, but participation and having fun are moreso...

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It all starts here...

Our Junior Section begins with the U6 age group. Its fantastic to see the development of these little people as they learn the individual basics as well as how to play as a team. Games of "cat and mouse" prove popular warm up activities !

Age Group Hockey

EGHC is working very hard on how we transition youngsters from Junior Hockey to both age-group and adult hockey. We want to provide the best possible environment for youngsters to develop as people as well as to develop their hockey...

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Individual Skills

We like to expose our youngsters to challenging individual skills at an early age and encourage them to reach their potential.

Connecting Clubs

There are lots of opportunities to play against other teams from other clubs and build lasting friendships with team mates and opponents alike !

Connecting Clubs
Winners are Grinners

Weekly Training Schedule


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